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5 Ways Freshbooks Makes Your Life Easier virtual assistant victoria

As a small business owner you need to invoice quickly and keep track of your time and expenses efficiently. Some entrepreneurs started with Excel and moved to Quickbooks as things got busier. However if you’re not an accountant it can be complicated and frustrating. All the data entry and balancing are time consuming.

Freshbooks is simple, efficient accounting software developed with the small business owner in mind. It is intuitive with a mobile component and a help desk that actually answered the phone. That’s cause for celebration.


Invoicing is a dream! You can invoice by item or task depending on what’s best for you. No need to fear inputting hundreds of items from your price list, just send them to Freshbooks and they’ll input them for you. Yippee! You can invoice in USD when you have American clients. You can set up recurring invoices for regular clients. Use the mobile app to invoice from the coffee shop or from your car after your consultation. Set up automatic reminders for your unpaid invoices. All these tools get you paid faster.


You can accept credit card payments without the hassle of using separate programs. It’s all in one place and the rates are competitive. Track your payments from your phone and your client is emailed a copy of their payment.


With Freshbooks you enter expenses in your phone as they happen. Leaving a meeting? Get in the car, take a photo of your coffee receipt or your parking ticket and enter it on the spot! Now your receipts are all online so if you are ever audited – no worries your accountant can login to your account and everything is right there. You can also sync most credit card or bank statements with Freshbooks (not Island Savings or CIBC at this time). This is a great back-up to ensure you don’t forget to log those online purchases. Create “recurring expenses” so that your Dropbox, Google, membership dues or Freshbooks fees etc. are automatically entered every month. Freshbooks will notify you when you have duplicate expenses so if you’ve entered your parking and the bank statement syncs a double of the same parking expense you can nuke the double on your desktop. Problem solved!

Time Tracking

Keep track of your time for billing clients and monitor your own business activities. Create different projects for all your clients, each with the different service categories you provide. Each month it’s easy to see how much time is spent on client email, bookkeeping, meetings or social media etc. When invoicing comes around Freshbooks can make it as detailed or broad as you like. Now it’s super simple to track how much time you spend on networking, travel, email, social media, marketing, and business development – whatever category you wish to keep track of it’s just a click of the button.

Freshbooks also has reports to give you the big picture on where you’re spending your time and MONEY in your business. Now you have the power to change your focus as needed. You’ve got quick access to your profit and loss, tax reports, expenses, who owes you money or top selling items. If you have a team you can monitor where they are spending their time. Freshbooks has it all for you – easy and simple.

New Features

Freshbooks’ newest feature is a credit card reader that connects to your account. There is a one-time fee for the tool as it has a chip reader providing added security. The fees are the same as accepting cards online. Currently this is only available for Iphone 5 and up.

Freshbooks is constantly improving their service. If you look online and can’t find something you need – say payroll? Don’t sweat it; chances are Freshbooks is partnered with another company to provide the service you need. They really care about making your life easier and it won’t be long before you too are thrilled to have them in your corner.

I could go on and on about this product. If you want to set up your free trial and receive a discount on your monthly plan Contact me If you just have a cool story of how Freshbooks made your life easier connecgt with me, I love that kinda thing 😉